Health Diary – A Guide To Call An Ambulance

Your health diary can be a valuable repository of information related to your health and well being. Suppose you or your loved one met with an accident, or are in some kind of medical emergency. A lot of people have gathered and want to help. Some are even medically qualified. But they do not know your medical history. For example, they do not know if you have are allergic to any particular medicines, or if you have a heart disease or a particular medical condition that need special attention. If they did have all this information they would be able to avoid any medical complications, they would also be able to give you better medical attention.

Your health diary is a place where you can store such information. You can then give your username and password to those medical personnel who would need this information and in this way you can make your entire medical history and profiles accessible to those who need it. A primary contact detail, which to be reached in case of an emergency/accident is the most important of all. In this section, you can store the name address and other contact information of the person who is to be contacted and this person’s relationship with you. Similarly, you can store a secondary contact details

Then come the medical contact details where you can store the name and phone number of your physician, dentist and your pharmacy. Basic health issues should be stored
Such as eye care, dental care, your family history, your history of allergies, and immunizations already done.

Basic health information should also be there, to store information such as your date of birth, gender, height, weight, marital status, ethnicity/race, blood type, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and even information about any medical implants such as a pacemaker, or an artificial lens implanted during your cataract surgery, or a steel rod implant that holds together a fractured bone. In addition you can store information about any dentures, dental implants, braces, orthodontia, tooth filling, teeth extracted, maxillofacial surgery, if any…and a lot of other valuable information related to your dental health.

Your ophthalmologists and optician’s contact information and all your eyewear prescriptions that spell out details of your vision in each eye can also be recorded.

A family history section can be made which will reflect the medical details of your family members. In many cases, family medical history has proved to be very useful in understanding the patient’s current medical condition and even making future predictions. Any previous family medical diseases that the family is prone to, can be recorded here.

Modern medical science has now understood the influence of lifestyle on a person’s health. A life styles section can have the details of you exercise routines, if any, your food and drink habits. Do you smoke? Consume alcohol? Are you a vegetarian or non -vegetarian, are there any particular vitamins that you take regularly? If you have allergies, store the information related to those allergies here. This way, if and when you do have an emergency then the doctors treating you will be better of knowing about these allergies and can avoid a case of you developing any allergic reactions.

A miscellaneous section should always be there. This section of your health diary shall contain information about immunization or vaccination that you have takes in your life, your health insurance and other legal documents related to your health. This information can be used to pay your insurance premiums and evaluate the same.