Businesses And Government Organizations Go For Case Management Legal Systems To Beat Service Cuts

All workplaces go through times when the amount of work increases, but with legal work, whether its with large businesses or government departments, it’s also decidedly complex. When times are difficult economically, people generally want more help, not less and yet the funds available to help them are frequently reduced. Organizations struggle to match demand with provision. Often a lot of organizations cut staff in order to make ends meet. This creates new difficulties as there are still many people to help but with less funding available. Working practice reform or enhancements offer a way out.

Living standards of many people around the world have degenerated over the last few years. World-wide economics have an effect all of us. All commercial, governmental and charitable organizations are affected. Efficiency savings have to be found.

Lawyers, legal workers and other professionals will all tell you how complex the work they handle can be. Legal knowledge is hard come by, needs to be regularly updated and requires dexterity of thought to use effectively. Handling even a small number of cases can be very difficult. Among other things, getting the documentation organized easily and effectively will greatly help such busy professionals.

When documentation is done by more traditional methods, using standard software, or worse still, by hand, man hours are lost and funding must be found to pay for the necessary staff time.

One means to accomplish an increase in productivity and a decrease in the need for additional staff is the implementation of case management software in legal firms, as well as legal departments in governmental or corporate offices.

Any lawyers’ office or legal department will handle large volumes of work on occasion. It can also take a great many people to handle just one case. Case management systems allow the paperwork and notifications to be dealt with efficiently without spending long hours doing so.

This type of software not only allows you to keep all the details about a case in one central position, it also enables you to create and disseminate documents, and stores email communications along side all other paperwork. The diary module keeps everyone up-to-date with key dates so that they are never missed. What’s more, you can also keep tabs on the hours worked which helps when it comes to billing clients or customers.

The use of case management software has been proven to be a money saving factor in nearly all aspects of the operations of a legal firm, corporate body or local government legal department, saving time and man hours in all facets of the practice of law in these environments. Some organizations who successfully installed case management software report dramatic time savings in terms of just the paperwork. One of them reported savings of £4000 per quarter!

The software allows all of those who are closely involved in the case to be updated via email or other electronic means, as well as to update supervisory or management personnel on the progression of the case. Check out the reporting features in the software. It helps key staff and managers if these are configurable and can be set to run regularly or can be created at the touch of a button.

Senior Legal Assistance: What To Take To Your First Meeting With An Elder Law Specialist

When you’re seeking senior legal assistance from an attorney who is familiar with the many aspects of elder law, it can be intimidating. You may not know what to expect from your initial consultation or you may be confused about whether you need to see litigation attorneys or estate planning lawyers. Fortunately, if a law firm specializes in senior legal assistance, it generally has a variety of expert attorneys to address all of your needs and concerns. Going to your first meeting may seem daunting, but if you have the right paperwork with you, it will save a good deal of time and money down the road. In order to determine what kind of paperwork you’ll need, you need to know what you intend to accomplish. Are you setting up a guardianship? Writing your will? Confronting an elder care center about potential elder abuse concerns? Each scenario requires that you bring the appropriate documentation.

Elder Law: Abuse Or Neglect

If you or someone you love has been the victim of elder abuse, you’ll need copies of any documents associated with the care of the person who has been victimized. You should have a contract or agreement that outlines the quality of care expected as well as any legal documents that have amended the meaning of the agreement over the years. If you suspect financial abuse or neglect, try to get copies of any monetary documents such as cancelled checks, bank account statements and records of cash withdrawals. Medical records pertaining to any treatment received as a result of suspected abuse are crucial to the success of litigation attorneys in these kinds of cases. Any records such as diary entries or a log of specific instances of neglect or poor care will also be important, so document everything you can and bring it all with you when you meet with an attorney specializing in elder law.

Senior Legal Assistance: Estate Planning

Estate planning is one of the most common reasons an individual seeks out senior legal assistance. Planning for the future of your heirs is a wonderful gift; it can reduce or do away with any family squabbles after you’ve passed on. In order to properly provide senior legal assistance regarding your estate, your attorney will need to have a good understanding of all your assets. Bring copies of bank account statements, any property deeds, photographs and appraisals of particularly valuable items such as jewelry, antique furniture and family heirlooms. You’ll also need a complete accounting of any IRAs, pension funds, stocks or bonds. Generally speaking, if it’s worth something, documenting it will help your litigation attorneys protect your estate and heirs.

Guardianship Or Caregiver Agreements

Planning for who will take care of you in the event that you can no longer care for yourself is a crucial decision that requires the attention of senior legal assistance lawyers who are experienced in drafting guardianship or caregiver agreements. To prepare the appropriate documents, you’ll need the same assets documentation you would need for estate planning as well as an outline of what you want included in your guardianship or caregiver agreement, such as duties to be performed and what you feel would be appropriate compensation for those tasks. A recent medical report outlining any care needed can help to establish guidelines for appropriate care along with itemized receipts for any necessary home improvements that are made to accommodate the needs of the individual being cared for.

Having the appropriate documents and notes with you when you meet with an elder law specialist in order to get senior legal assistance is the first step toward resolving any legal issues so that the need for litigation attorneys is minimized and family strife is kept to a minimum. If you’re still unsure of what to bring, contact your elder law attorney and ask for suggestions.

Legal Secretary Jobs – Eight Things You Might Do In a Legal Job

If you are thinking of applying for a legal secretary job its important to understand what exactly the job entails. We’ve come up with eight duties which are common to many legal secretaries.

Plan and Organise Schedules – Solicitors are very busy people, so it’s important to keep their diary and schedule well organised. Solicitors usually charge their clients by the time they spend down to the minute. As a consequence it’s really important for legal secretaries to help create an organised schedule.

Prepare Documents – There are all kinds of documents that are created in law firms for both internal and external purposes. Often the legal secretary will be responsible for producing these documents. The paper work can vary from law firm to law firm, client to client but the responsibility usually falls upon the legal secretary.

File Legal Documents – If a case is going to court a lot of paperwork is usually required. At many law firms legal secretaries submit and produce these forms on behalf of their solicitors. They require meticulous attention to detail and obsessive accuracy. Each of the documents is hugely important so a legal secretary needs to be trustworthy.

Assist Trial Preparation – The solicitor is responsible for much of research that goes into a trial, however a significant proportion of the preparation is carried out by the legal secretary. Because of these responsibilities it’s important that you have a good understanding of the basics of law and a passion to learn more.

Type Letters to Clients – there is a lot of typing in the job. If you have great touch typing skills you are going to be a popular legal secretary. Legal documents can be long and there is often a great deal of the correspondence between solicitors and clients so typing up letters is likely to take up a significant proportion of a legal secretary’s time.

Carry Out Research – as precedent is such an important part of the legal process high quality comprehensive research is vital. As a solicitors’ time is at such a premium often the duty of research falls to their legal secretary.

Maintains Files – Legal cases can quickly become complicated beasts. Because accurate documentation is so important, the organisation of the client files is an art in itself. Legal secretaries usually provide this administrative support to the law firm they work for.

Meets Clients – one of the most enjoyable aspects of a job in law is the contact with clients. As the legal proceedings are so important to the clients they really appreciate the help and attention of a professional legal secretary.

Health Diary – A Guide To Call An Ambulance

Your health diary can be a valuable repository of information related to your health and well being. Suppose you or your loved one met with an accident, or are in some kind of medical emergency. A lot of people have gathered and want to help. Some are even medically qualified. But they do not know your medical history. For example, they do not know if you have are allergic to any particular medicines, or if you have a heart disease or a particular medical condition that need special attention. If they did have all this information they would be able to avoid any medical complications, they would also be able to give you better medical attention.

Your health diary is a place where you can store such information. You can then give your username and password to those medical personnel who would need this information and in this way you can make your entire medical history and profiles accessible to those who need it. A primary contact detail, which to be reached in case of an emergency/accident is the most important of all. In this section, you can store the name address and other contact information of the person who is to be contacted and this person’s relationship with you. Similarly, you can store a secondary contact details

Then come the medical contact details where you can store the name and phone number of your physician, dentist and your pharmacy. Basic health issues should be stored
Such as eye care, dental care, your family history, your history of allergies, and immunizations already done.

Basic health information should also be there, to store information such as your date of birth, gender, height, weight, marital status, ethnicity/race, blood type, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and even information about any medical implants such as a pacemaker, or an artificial lens implanted during your cataract surgery, or a steel rod implant that holds together a fractured bone. In addition you can store information about any dentures, dental implants, braces, orthodontia, tooth filling, teeth extracted, maxillofacial surgery, if any…and a lot of other valuable information related to your dental health.

Your ophthalmologists and optician’s contact information and all your eyewear prescriptions that spell out details of your vision in each eye can also be recorded.

A family history section can be made which will reflect the medical details of your family members. In many cases, family medical history has proved to be very useful in understanding the patient’s current medical condition and even making future predictions. Any previous family medical diseases that the family is prone to, can be recorded here.

Modern medical science has now understood the influence of lifestyle on a person’s health. A life styles section can have the details of you exercise routines, if any, your food and drink habits. Do you smoke? Consume alcohol? Are you a vegetarian or non -vegetarian, are there any particular vitamins that you take regularly? If you have allergies, store the information related to those allergies here. This way, if and when you do have an emergency then the doctors treating you will be better of knowing about these allergies and can avoid a case of you developing any allergic reactions.

A miscellaneous section should always be there. This section of your health diary shall contain information about immunization or vaccination that you have takes in your life, your health insurance and other legal documents related to your health. This information can be used to pay your insurance premiums and evaluate the same.